The Fevang Brothers Barbershop

Imagine entering a place looking exactly like a 1950’s barbershop from the good old mafiamovies we all know. This mixed up with an interior inspired by the Norwegian puppetfilm Flåklypa Grand Prix (Pinchcliffe Grand Prix), to highlight the extinct cultural heritage of our beloved country – then you have The Fevang Brothers Barbershop, in Norwegian called Brødrene Fevangs Barberstue! A classical Norwegian “barberstue”, not a overkilled rockabilly barbershop.

Located in center of Stavanger, a maritme and romantic city westcoast of Norway, in an antique listed building that once was a tobacco and candystore, it feels like going back in time. From the moosehead on the wall adorned with captured bras, quantities of real antiques, the brown & white chesspatterned floor, the original Theo. A. Koch’s & Koken Companies barberchairs used in Norway in the old days, the recognizable music from that proper era playing out loud, the heavily decorated walls with pictures of old heroes and immortal musicians, to the mahogany-colored parapetpanel taken straight from the classic Norwegian cabintraditions – everything is consciously planned and selected to the finest detail.

The barbers that will welcome you when you visit their shop, are all dressed up in Fedora-hats, ties, shirts, vests, polished shoes and white doctor-style barbercoats. Their skin are heavily inked with 90% similar tattoos, and believe it or not but all of them are also real bloodbrothers with proud familyvalues, as reflected in the companylogo.

They really love women with all their hearts, but this is strictly a man’s world as James Brown would say it. So leave your girl at home if you not want her to sit outside the shop freezing her ass off waiting for you to get finished. Fevang’s are proudly blessed with their customer diversity, everything from classy businessmen, expats, cool teenagers, tattoolovers, militant soldiers, passionate footballplayers, old & wise, tough bikers, proud believers, familyloving sons and fathers, little babyheroes, gymrats and the common everydaymen – any man with age from 0-100 are more than welcome!

The brothers will fix you up looking like a million kroners, just ask around. No “shortcuts” here, each cut lasts at least 45 minutes to an hour. You get exactly what you want, a real signature custom-made cut, no matter what style and length you desire. They also specialize in precise straight razor shaves with hot towel and any kind of beard- and mustache design. Worth trying, recommended strongly!

The Barbers:

Thomas Fevang (Companyleader & 1st Barber): Born 7th of January 1987, is he the oldest man in the brotherhood. He has the fewest meters above sea level of all of them, proud 168 cm, but with his big personality he emphasizes repeatedly that: “In the comics, the boss is always the lowest, and the same goes for the majority of the world historical leaders and famous celebrities. Just look at Al Pacino, Picasso, Napoleon, Lenin, Stalin, Ghandi, Ghengis Khan and Tom Cruise!” Thomas’ lifemotto is SHOW LOVE, which also is tattooed on his fingers – family and relatives will probably say that he has inherited the same heart of gold to his beloved Grandmother Åse. Caring, loving, outgoing, reflected and super fun are values and qualities this man sparkles over with. To author texts and poetry and taking care of his trainingaddiction for bodybuilding, is some of what Thomas kills his spare time with. Otherwise he is not hard to ask to join for a dance, madness and partying the times the sweet life beckons at its worst. And YES if you’re wondering, Thomas is single, haha!

Kjetil Fevang (Daily leader & 2nd Barber): Born 6th of July 1989, two and a half year after his bigbrother, Kjetil has always been hardly determined that he’s no second place because of that. Kjetil has the same strong personality like a lion but he is kinder than a little lamb, and if there is anything this man never does is to throw in the towel, raise the white flag and surrender to the give-up mentality. Tattooed on his fingers is it written his lifemotto, STAY TRUE. Being true, real and honest, both to himself and others, is something this man lifts to the top of the flagpole. Kjetil use a lot of his spare time to do his big hobby bodybuilding, which he and his bigbrother also compete in on a national level. He is on several occasions called for the perfectionist, and in this profession of mens hairdressing that could never be wrong! And NO if you’re wondering, Kjetil is super proud to be together with his beautifull Danish girlfriend Louice, haha!

Explanation of the companylogo:

(made by our man Marius Meyer, guaranteed Norways best tattooist!)

  • The lettering “Brødrene Fevangs Barberstue” is the name of the shop, company and our trademark, meaning: The Fevang Brothers Barbershop.
  • The brass knuckle/ fight glove symbolize our strong brotherhood – that we always stay together and fight for our dreams and believes!
  • The 4 hearts is for each brother, therefore the intials TKMA: Thomas, Kjetil, Morten & Anders – the name of each brother in chronological order. TKMA also stands for: “Tar Kniven Mot Adamseplet!” (“Takes the knife to the Adam’s apple!”) The hearts also underlines that it’s all love, no hatred!
  • The cross with halo (identical to the cross we have tattooed under our left eye), which sits in the middle of the brass knuckle, symbolizes our fifth brother Stian who now lives in Heaven. He was the third brother in line, so the cross got it’s natural placement in the middle of the intials. The cross also proclaims our proud familyvalues.
  • The four-leaf clovers symbolizes that we’re 4 bloodbrothers going to do the same profession (as soon as the last two of them are schooled finished). This is rarely unusual, such as the clovers, which will hopefully gain good luck.
  • The straight-razor knives highlights that we’re BARBERS, who specialize in cut and shave for men only, NOT stylists or hairdressers.
  • The colors yellow and brown are used to give the feeling of the golden 50’s, when it was common with such business like ours.

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Babies haven’t any hair,
old men’s heads are just as bare.
From the cradle to the grave,
lies a haircut and a shave.
~Samuel Goodman Hoffenstein.

Burning Love, Stay Sharp & God Bless from The Fevang Brothers Barbershop.

.…just good old-fashioned MANHOOD!